The Healthy Living Network consists of independently owned and operated home health agencies that provide in-home medical, rehabilitative and support services by experienced professionals with extensive clinical, healthcare, and hospitality backgrounds.

The Healthy Living Network professional’s knowledge is extremely beneficial in many ways including:

  • Clinicians and caregivers are trained to provide expert, accurate and compassionate care in the patient’s or client’s home.
  • Services are personalized to each patient.
  • Patients can be assured that the Healthy Living Network clinicians have the in-depth knowledge and expertise in addressing the special needs of the geriatric population.


The Healthy Living Network consists of independently owned and operated home health agencies that provide in-home medical, rehabilitative and support services by experienced professionals with extensive clinical, healthcare, and hospitality backgrounds. These agencies are committed to an At Your Service philosophy of care for patients, family members, referral sources, as well as, for their employees.



Our mission is to provide the highest quality of personalized in-home healthcare services with kindness and compassion.


Practice integrity, accountability, and excellence in everything we do.

Treat everyone we encounter with dignity and respect.

Provide purpose driven services which maintain patients in their homes, valuing patients and families as active participants
in their care.

Be the preferred employer in our industry through healthy, happy, and rewarding work environment.


Each Healthy Living Network recognizes the intrinsic worth of aged, diseased and/or disabled individuals. It believes the contributions of these individuals are no less important than the contributions of other members of society and recognize that these individuals are entitled to retain their maximum participation in society.

Each Healthy Living Network believes that home health must be available, coordinated, and provided in a comprehensive way, combined with other healthcare services when appropriate.

Staff behavior, attitudes, knowledge, and understanding have an important influence on helping patients attain and maintain a healthier state of being. That is why Healthy Living Network professionals work hard to help create a working environment that is positive and rewarding.


Each agency strives to promote a culture that embraces respect, quality and friendliness. Healthy Living Network professionals strive to bring the best wellness and hospitality-based services to patients, which is only possible by fostering a positive work environment and culture for employees.



Jason Bliss

A charismatic and deeply passionate individual, Jason has been working to improve the lives of the aging population for 19 years. He co-founded the Healthy Living Network in 2008 and has been dedicated to enhancing healthcare services offered in the home. Jason is considered to be a thought leader in the community and enjoys keynote speaking and participating as a judge in entrepreneurial competitions. He is regularly featured in publications for his expertise in healthcare, workplace culture, scaling startups, and entrepreneurialism.

Caroline Breeding

Caroline, an esteemed mentor in her wide-reaching network, is an Occupational Therapist who has over 30 years of experience in healthcare operations. She treated patients for a number of years in the areas of psychiatry, acute, and post acute care. As a serial entrepreneur, Caroline has had a number of successful business ventures before co-founding the Healthy Living Network including skilled nursing facilities, a rehab contract company, and a healthcare consulting firm.


In 2008 Jason and his wife Lindsey were facing the unthinkable, their young son, Preston was struggling with an acute kidney disease. After spending few years in and out of various children’s hospitals, Jason was given permission to bring Preston back to their family home with the help of a pediatric home health nurse. After returning home, Preston regained strength and immediately began having relief from uncomfortable symptoms. Surrounded by his loving family and the comforts of home, Preston was able to be a jovial child again. Returning home was made possible thanks to the support of Home Health Clinicians.

This meaningful experience inspired Jason to start a home health agency with the goal of providing patients with accessibility to quality medical care in the comfort and privacy of their home. Jason, reached out to long-time friend, Caroline, with the concept to start a Home Health Agency.

Their first home health agency, Healthy Living at Home, opened in 2008 in San Jose, CA. Their mission was to create a concierge “white glove” experience that put the needs of patients above all else. Caroline and Jason understood that each and every individual is special and has their own unique needs and preferences. Active listening was practiced in every facet of the business. The philosophical foundation began as:

‘Give each patient what THEY need, not what I THINK they need.’

With the strong, positive reputation that Jason and Caroline carried with them throughout their tenure in the healthcare industry, Healthy Living at Home quickly grew as a result of positive word of mouth. The upbeat workplace culture attracted the most well qualified health practitioners in the community. Patients received industry-leading care and customer service.

From Healthy Living at Home’s philosophical foundation, they developed the company’s tagline At Your Service.

Since its inception in 2008, Healthy Living At Home has grown from one agency to twenty-three locations throughout California, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Washington.

In 2016, the home health agencies sharing the At Your Service philosophy of care, collectively, became the Health Living Network.

The Healthy Living Network’s priorities are:

  • To honor and respect our patients, our customers, and each other.
  • To communicate clearly and effectively.
  • To strive to achieve better patient outcomes, greater customer support, and higher employee satisfaction.