Jason Bliss, Co-founder & CEO, of Healthy Living Network featured on Authority Magazine

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Jason P. Bliss, Co-founder & CEO, of Healthy Living Network published in Authority Magazine’s full feature article “5 Leadership Lessons With Jason P. Bliss, CEO of the Healthy Living Network.”
Jason shares a few invaluable lessons he has learned over the years, “Learn when private equity, venture capitalism or bank financing is the best option. If you don’t understand this early on, you will likely consider giving up more equity than necessary to have access to financing. Learn now, find talent that can educate you during the process and have definitive plans on how much equity you are willing to sacrifice in order to grow.”
Jason also discusses what makes HLN stand out as a company and how he is using his success to bring goodness to the world, to make it a better place.
For more on Jason’s backstory, read the full article here.