The Healthy Living Network & Co-founder Jason Bliss featured on

The Healthy Living Network & co-founder Jason Bliss was featured in Thrive Global’s article “Why Age (Shockingly) Is Really Only a State of Mind”. Author Jordan French explains, “Quite simply, the more someone believes that the stereotypes associated with old age and aging apply to them, the more likely they are to see a decline in overall health. On the other side of the spectrum, we see examples like Olga Kotelko, the famed athlete who continued to win races and set world records well into her 90s.”
Jason, The Healthy Living Network’s co-founder, explained, “Our bodies believe what our minds tell us. We know that mental attitudes affect our physical and emotional wellbeing at any age, but this impact becomes even more pronounced as we get older. I’ve found that the happiest and healthiest people among the elderly population don’t dwell too much on what their birth certificate says. Instead, they focus on what they can do.”
For more on how age is just a state of mind, view the full article here.